About IC82

Welcome to InterCity82.com! This is the website for the YouTube channel of the same name, which was created in September 2009. This page gives you a little bit of history and information behind the channel, as well as the website, and their founder, me - Will!

About InterCity82 (YouTube)

I've been watching videos on YouTube for years, and naturally when I got back into model railways I started to look up vids done by people already in the hobby. I found some great videos by legendary YouTubers such as 'ay76', 'itfcsam' and 'Javelin395' and loved the mixture of real railway footage and model railway footage. Another channel (nothing to do with trains) I was an avid viewer of, was the awesome 'Ashens'. Run by Stuart Ashen, the channel's vids show him 'reviewing' tat, basically (with the odd serious bit of kit thrown in for good measure). I think it's pretty safe to say that he must have the most famous brown sofa in the whole world! Everytime I saw a video in my subscription feed of a fake PSP or a pack of microwave bags from Poundland, I'd instantly click on the thumbail, sit back and enjoy.

Then one day, a brand new Class 43 HST by Hornby arrived in the mail and as I read the info on the back of the box, I thought "I know, maybe I should set up my camera and record myself opening this HST, and upload it to YouTube - because other people might like to see what it's like before buying one themselves?". At that point I had no idea just how popular that single video would become (in model railway circles of course). Not long later, I had bought several more locomotives and the odd train set - so naturally I made a video on them too! I mean, why not? Haha

A year later, a few hundred subscribers had turned into a few thousand - and two years later I had more subscribers than Hornby themselves! Obviously I was doing something that quite a few people either enjoyed or found useful - perhaps a bit of both. So I did my best to upload a new video as often as possible, which wasn't (and isn't) always easy as we all have lives to lead too! And it soon didn't take long for people to start asking if I was ever going to build a new and proper layout, rather than keep uisng the temporary one I had set up in the conservatory.

I was always going to get around to building a proper layout one day, drawing on ideas and dreams I had had since I was a young child. But suddenly I felt I was being pushed into it, rushed into even - by my subscribers, which I didnt like to be honest. This is the 'hobby of a lifetime' after all! So why rush and finish it all off in just a year or two? Or even just a season?! Haha

Nevertheless, I did understand why the need to see me start building a proper layout was there. I had guided lots of people with their purchases of locomotives and train sets, so naturally, they were now after a bit of help and a few ideas when it came to their layouts and future layouts. And so in the Spring of 2011 I started planning and designing my new layout, with the intention of uploading vids on it a year later (Spring 2012).

About InterCity82 (Website)

After just six months or so from setting up the YouTube channel, viewers and subscribers started asking me what trains I had, how big my collection was, and could I do a video on my entire fleet of locos, trains and rolling stock! At about the same time I was getting lots of commonly asked questions about things like DCC, what starter sets I recommend and  how to wire up a basic layout. Throw into that, requests for me to actually sell some of the tools and products I use on my layout and it was soon apparent that I needed to set up a website to accompany the YouTube channel.

So in the Summer of 2011 I started designing a website! I regularly asked my veiwers and subscribers what they would like from such a site and took such feedback into consideration when designing it. A shop was requested (nothing major, but had to be useful), a forum was also requested so that lots of people could post topics on things, talk about trains, get help of each other and so on. Of course a huge online database of my collection was a must! So in short, I thought of everything I could think of to put into the site that people would find of value and started working on it.

Obviously, such a complex site - being designed and built from the ground up, was a time consuming task, even with help from friends like Kev. So I pass on my apologies for how long it took to put together and bring elements of it online but I thank you for being patient and I hope you'll agree it's worth it! As with my videos, I appreciate genuine feedback - so if there is something you would like to let me know about regarding the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

About Will

I was into trains from a very early age (and have photos to prove it!) and obviously, Thomas the Tank Engine definitely helped! Haha Back in the 1980s me and my dad started building a layout in the attic of our first house, but then my little brother was on his way and we needed to move to a bigger house in a different town, so the layout was ripped up and we moved. At the new house, we did start on the railway again in a spare room but pretty soon I needed to move into that room to call it my own - so once again the railway was ripped up. And even though this new house was twice the size of the old one, it had virtually no attic! So my model railway dreams slowly faded away.

Then in 1991 we went abroad on holiday for the first time, and I became obsessed with aviation. I was aeroplane mad! And for 18 years too, pretty much. At first it was fighter jets, then it was civil airliners (Flightsim, etc) and it ended up being a passion for actual aerodynamics. I could make anything fly if you gave me enough paper, card and sticky tape! lol

However, as all these years had passed, my family had gotten bigger and I now had more cousins, nephews and neices. So I found myself visiting toy superstores more and more to get gifts for birthday and Christmas presents. And every time I walked past the train sets, I thought... 'I really want one!'. So one day, I thought 'what the heck' and bought one! Haha It was only a small one, with a small Class 06 loco and a few wagons 'The Goods Master' set by Hornby - but I loved it and it was enough to get me back into the hobby - after such a long break.

Before I knew it, I was getting all my old trains out again, and setting up different track designs in the conservatory - which grew into the current layout so many people are familiar with today! Then as I started to make vids, and buy more trains, the need to start my dream layout again got bigger and bigger. So in the Summer of 2011 I started to do just that! (with videos being uploaded on it in the Spring of 2012).

It's safe to say that I'm well and truly back into 'the hobby of a lifetime' and I am sure it will last a lifetime too.